MLIC GMAT HALL OF FAME Inductees into the MLIC Hall of Fame must have scored at least 690 on the GMAT, at least 325 on the GRE, and at least 168 on the LSAT after attending a training course with MLIC. MLIC offers the best preparation courses for the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and SAT.


MLIC Inc. is an acknowledged industry-leader in offering goal-driven and skill-enhancing preparation courses for the GMAT® (Graduate Management Admission Test), GRE® (Graduate Record Examination) General Test, LSAT® (Law School Admission Test), and SAT® MLIC prep courses beat all other prep courses such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, Veritas Prep, Manhattan GMAT, Manhattan Review, Robin Singh's Testmasters,and Powerscore, and offer the best value for your prep dollars and time. Learn about the misrepresentations, lies, and deceptions perpetrated by other GMAT prep companies at Why MLIC GMAT prep is the best and by Testmasters and Powerscore at why MLIC LSAT Prep is the best.

  • MLIC Prep Advantage: Best training methodology, best training materials, and best professional trainers who have over 10 years experience in teaching at the Graduate school level and the prep tests.
  • MLIC prep courses for the GMAT and GRE rely on the currently LIVE questions to train its participants. All other companies use outdated Official Guide for GMAT preparation or, worse, make up their own useless, unrepresentative questions.
  • MLIC prep courses actually TRAIN you whereas all other competing prep courses are worthless tutorial sessions taught by unqualified and untrained student instructors who work for hourly wages. Companies like Veritas prep and Manhattan GMAT recruit their 'tutors' by running ads in Craigslist where you shop for used furnitute and romantic dalliances.You should know that Veritas Prep run by Veritas LLC does not do in-person interviews of its tutors but instead hires them on the basis of phone interviews and skype auditions, and sends them out to 'teach' after watching videos. You will be required to determine if you lucked out by having a half-decent tutor hired sight unseen by Veritas Prep GMAT company. contrast this to the professionalism that is the hallmark of MLIC GMAT prep courses: MLIC employs professional trainers who are required to take the Graduate School tests at least once each year and demonstrate their competencies. We also test our strategies to ensure that they remain relevant so that you can receive the best, uptodate training from MLIC.

MLIC Hall of Fame honors those trainees who attended a Turboprep or Online prep course for the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT, and achieved scores in excess of the following minumus for each test:

  • GMAT: 690 or better
  • GRE: 325 or better
  • LSAT: 168 or better


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Our VIP inductees into the HALL OF FAME must have scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT when they take the GMAT within 30 days of completing a preparation course for the GMAT with MLIC. The following VIP inductees have demonstrated incredible commitment and discipline, leading to the achievement of GMAT scores in the 99th percentile. MLIC is proud to have worked with these remarkable persons in achieving their goals.
Congratulations to Yuko Ito, New York on her perfect GMAT Score of 800, the first trainee by MLIC to accomplish this feat. Congratulations, Yuko! Also, congratulations to ANNA RODAK, LONDON on her GMAT score of 780. Anna joins our galaxy of stellar performers -- Stefan Karlsson (NYC), Oksana Beregova (Chicago), and Iain Hannah (London, England) as MVP inductee into our GMAT Hall of Fame. They all scored 770 or above on the GMAT, and brought exceptional Focus, Commitment, and, of course, a natural penchant for critical reasoning.
Also, Congratulations go out to Joseph Goodwin on his GMAT Score of 750. Joseph Goodwin attended our GMAT TurboPrep™ course at Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, and qualifies to be inducted into our Hall of Fame as a MVP. Stacey Yeong, Singapore, who scored 750 on the GMAT after attending our Singapore GMAT Turboprep course and Sandy Yeo who scored 750 after attending our GMAT prep course in Singapore are also our VIP inductees. Our congratulations also go out to Hanif Syed who took the GMAT Turboprep™ training at London and scored 760. Congratulations, Hanif! The latest MVP inductees into our Hall of fame are Hsin Chin, who took the GMAT Turboprep course in Singapore and scored 780, and Sadhana Seshadri, who took MLIC GMAT course in San Francisco and scored 750. Congratulations, Hsin and Sadhana!
Special Congratulations to all VIP inductees into the GMAT HALL OF FAME!


MLIC Congratulates our Hall of Fame inductees for 2017 (list updated every month). The list contains names of our GMAT prep course participants who had consented to their names being publicized in our Hall of Fame list.

  • Vivek Kumar, GMAT Prep Course, Chicago, IL, GMAT Score of 740.
    Congratulations, Vivek!
  • Linda Dobson, GMAT Preparation course, Dallas, TX, GMAT Score of 720.
    Congratulations, Linda!
  • David Gdowski, GMAT Test prep course, Chicago, IL., GMAT Score of 710.
    Congratulations, DAvid!
  • Melissa Brewer, GMAT training course, New York City, GMAT Score of 730.
    Congratulations, Melissa!
  • Brian Zekanoski, GMAT Prep course, Singapore, GMAT Score of 750.
    Congratulations, Brian!
  • Anna Cabellero, GMAT Course, Atlanta, GA, GMAT Score of 700.
    Congratulations, Anna!
  • Roger Lennox, GMAT Turboprep course, Sydney NSW, GMAT Score of 720.
    Congratulations, Roger!
  • Steve Hess, GMAT Online prep course, GMAT Score of 730.
    Congratulations, Steve!
  • Abigail Gialo, GMAT Online prep course, GMAT Score of 730.
    Congratulations, David!
  • Brian Kirkland, GMAT Turboprep course, Washington D.C., GMAT Score of 740.
    Congratulations, Brian!
  • Tom Leighton, GMAT Turboprep course, London, England, GMAT Score of 730.
    Congratulations, Tom!
  • Vidhya Krishnan, GMAT Turboprep course, Amsterdam. GMAT Score of 720.
    Congratulations, Vidhya!

Congratulations to our VIP Hall of Fame inductees and to our GMAT Hall of Famers for 2017